Family Income Benefit

A family income benefit policy is designed to protect your dependants and loved ones financially should something happen to you.

A policy would provide a tax-free lump sum to your family every month for the duration of the policy term. This can be in the event of death or even upon diagnoses of a critical illness. These can be especially useful in ensuring that children are financially supported should they have to be looked after by their appointed guardians. There are many options available so contact us today to make an appointment for more information and a personalised illustration.

Some of the options available:

  • Increasing benefit policies
  • Cover for death
  • Cover for death and/or Critical illness
  • Ability to place proceeds into a trust
  • Single or joint policies
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Private Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance, or PMI as it is known, helps you get medical treatment when and where you need it. From a wide choice of professionals and private hospitals across the country.

You can cover either yourself, your partner and your children to make sure you are all protected against the unexpected. After being referred by your GP you can arrange to see a local consultant privately normally within a few days and not have to worry about sitting on the NHS waiting lists.

Also if you do have to stay in hospital you can rest assured of your own bed in private surroundings with the major benefit of your own private care. Helping you recover quicker and making the whole experience as pleasant as possible.

Some of the options available:

  • Outpatient cover
  • Inpatient cover
  • You can choose your consultant
  • Treatment at a day and time to fit in with you
  • Straight-forward claims procedure
  • Completely flexible to suit your requirements
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