Key Person Cover

Who is a Key Person? the answer is actually rather simple. Think about the people in your business and their financial value.

How would profit be affected if one or more of them were taken ill or died. How long would it take to replace them and could the business cope financially coming back from the loss. At FOSTERS we work with you to ensure your business will survive the loss. Together we can look at the impact of the loss and work out a financial solution. Either a lump sum payment or a monthly income back into the business is available, with policies tailored around the businesses requirements.

  • Cover for death or illness
  • Choice of deferred periods
  • Single life cover
  • Increasing benefit options
  • Choice of payment period of benefit
  • Own occupation or working tasks

Most businesses offer their employees a level of financial protection should they fall ill or die.


Group Protection

Group Protection schemes are designed to do this on a larger scale. By having one scheme that covers everyone, a business is able to offer employees a better package which both protects them and the business. Schemes are very much tailored around the businesses requirements and can range from a limited death in service to full critical and income protection cover along with private medical cover.

An ever increasing awareness of employees to the value of these schemes can help you attract staff more easily and also help to retain them. FOSTERS are able to work with you to understand your requirements and give advice on which schemes are most suitable and competitive.

Some of the options available:

  • Accidental death
  • Different levels of cover for employees
  • Illness Cover
  • Overseas Cover
  • Employer or employee funded
  • Multiple of salary options